Ask Cloud Strife!
Would you trust me more if I wore my mongoose costume?

Costumes, unfortunately, do not persuade me to trust you more. Sorry, BHD.

Don't you trust me?

As much as I can trust the sentient penis of my boyfriend’s mentor, I suppose.

What if all your drunk, overly personal anons were Zack

Then I suppose he’d be comfortable with learning what the floor feels like underneath his back at night as he sleeps completely and totally alone in the living room.

Is your hairstyle genetic? Because I think Jack Frost is your albino lovechild

… who?

I don’t think a hairstyle can be genetic - and I haven’t really had any sort of interaction that would create a child? So, no. Sorry, Anon.

Have you ever put a food item in your foreskin?

ninja or pirates?


Are you aware that the sex shop on loveless ave is selling 'cadet cutie's bitchin' booty' life cast anal fleshlights with your picture on them?


Do you have anything planned for valentine's day?

Valentine’s Day? But isn’t that— oh. Oh.

That’s coming up soon, isn’t it? Oh boy. I have nothing planned, right this very moment, but uhhh, hopefully I can come up with something soon!

do you still do bottomless wednesday?

I’m not aware that I did it in the first place.

Zack is a hearty participant in Bottomless Wednesday - I prefer to only ditch the pants during the summer when it’s nighttime.

How's life?

Rough, but I’m managing well enough, I like to think.